5 Ways to Promote Quality of Life & Independence for Seniors

Whether you’re helping mom and dad deal with the challenges of aging or caring for a loved one who’s suffered an injury or illness, quality of life can be make the difference in thriving and just surviving. And it starts with maintaining as much independence as possible.

Stay active. With a physician’s approval, getting as much physical activity as possible will ensure seniors can live independently, whether in their own home or a supportive facility, for as long as possible. Whether dancing, chair exercises, walking, gardening or housekeeping, it’s contributing to better balance, stronger bones and faster reflexes.

Take advantage of technology. Today’s world offers a huge opportunity for easily managing healthcare, taking charge of life and well-being. Telehealth devices abound, with wireless devices that take blood glucose and oxygen level, blood pressure and weight, then send the results to doctors without a trip to the clinic. The day continues uninterrupted, and so does the independence.

Medical alert devices also provide seniors with peace of mind, and often knowing that help is available will ease the fears that can come with staying active, such as the fear of falling.

Be a social butterfly. Positive mental attitude has huge impacts in health life and recovery – we see it in study after study, and in patient after patient. Staying connected with family and friends, getting out and socializing, makes for a better outlook and a higher quality of life.

Stay sharp. Whether bingo’s the game or crosswords are the challenge, keeping the mind sharp and mentally challenged also contributes to life. The mind needs exercise just like the body, and the benefits come in better clarity, less forgetfulness and more enjoyment.

Keep your balance. Falls are a huge concern for seniors, and by taking charge of their health, better balance results. A few simple exercises [LINK TO BLOG] done daily in the home increase strength, reflexes and coordination, and decrease fall risk exponentially.

A few simple changes to daily routine and lifestyle can make a world of difference in activity and health. With empowerment comes better health, with health comes quality of life – and independence along with it.