CareVital Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

In order to reduce readmissions and improve outcomes, hospitals and home healthcare organizations share a common strategy: increase outpatient care and provide more proactive disease management solutions. Many are turning to remote patient monitoring technologies to better position themselves and to provide an enhanced standard of care.

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WHC-FLY-8ith customer-friendly technology and an integrated approach, Healthcom can help you meet the challenging demands of the industry and provide better patient care. Gathering patient data from the home provides the information needed to make the best possible clinical decisions. This data can empower caregivers, nurses and patients. It is captured and displayed on a secure website and can be checked at any time. Values over your defined limits can cause an immediate alert (pager, fax, phone call, e-mail, etc.). Your clinicians know immediately when a patient is out of protocol and can choose the proper intervention, whether it be a phone call, a visit or contacting a family member.

Healthcom provides the tools and support to implement a successful program that includes remote patient monitoring. Our wireless in-home patient monitoring systems let you build a ‘digital dashboard’ for each patient. You decide, on a per-patient basis, exactly what to measure; we provide the toll-free communications network and secure data repository.

Healthcare Facts


  • The number of chronically ill patients continues to grow.
  • Healthcare costs continue to sky rocket.
  • Healthcare reimbursement continues to drop.
  • Healthcare providers are facing financial penalties for perceived poor quality of care.

Healthcom Benefits

  • Improves clinical decision making by gathering more information, sooner.bracket5
  • Increases patient/family satisfaction.
  • Maximizes nurse’s time and efficiency by scheduling visits where they need to be rather than on a generic rotation.
  • Builds critical information inside the patient medical record.